If you desire a single source of contact to account for all aspects of construction, look no further than our design/build approach. Vision Quest Consulting, Inc. has professionals that take each assignment from inceptions to completion with transparency, communication, high quality, and cost efficiency. This approach allows us to control the overall cost of the project, achieve the predefined scope and deliver it in a timely manner, while keeping your vision at the center of the project. We are experienced professionals collaborating within the agreed upon budget to deliver projects on time while managing costs and expectations. In order to achieveĀ  these goals, we only use trusted and vetted architects, sub-contractors, and engineers.

Our experience allows us to identify potential problems and develop creative solutions early, when it is still efficient to make changes, guiding each project through all critical path activities. We put years of preemptive scheduling and value creation expertise to work, allowing you to count on Vision Quest Consulting, Inc. to deliver this peace of mind coupled with cost and time preservation.

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We facilitate communication between owner and architect to ensure a mutual understanding of schedule, budget, and quality. The entire team reviews the preliminary design of structural, mechanical, and electrical systems with collaborating with sub-contractors and vendors to ensure the most cost effective, quality design.


Once all parties have agreed on the design, we use our established relationships to obtain the necessary permits as soon as possible to ensure a smooth construction process. Simultaneously, we proactively lay out a project schedule that includes weekly status meetings and package the design for bid and pricing to ensure the most competitive final budget. We work in complete transparency with completeness and accuracy to ensure a productive timeline, delivering the highest quality build while maintaining the agreed upon budget to meet and often exceed all your expectations.


Our transparency, communication, and completeness carries into the construction phase, as weekly status meetings drive efficiency and ensure quality and completion deadlines are met. We consistently compare hard costs with the budget to confirm the project is on target with the budget guidelines. As always, Vision Quest Consulting, Inc. is onsite to, manage unexpected obstacles, ensure quality control, and keep the project safely progressing.


Upon finalizing your build, we work closely with local authorities, building departments, and inspectors to define and implement an occupancy plan, getting you in as soon as possible. We specialize in our attention to detail, which means all punch list items are complete, a final site cleanup is finished, and O&M manuals, warranties, as-build drawings, and final inspection documents are in your hands - and so are the keys.